Inaugural Research Horizons, 2016



Dean Raj Acharya
Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing

Vice Provost for Research  Rick van Kooten


Sterling-Thomas Thomas Sterling
Professor, Intelligent Systems Engineering;
Director, Center for Research in Extreme Scale Technologies
Kurose-short-bio Jim Kurose
Assistant Director for Computer and Information Science and Engineering, National Science Foundation
 Ben_Silbermann Ben Silbermann
Co-founder and CEO, Pinterest

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Human Computer Interaction

Martha White
Autonomous Decision-Making with Reinforcement Learning
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David Leake
Case-Based Reasoning: Learning from the Case Base
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Sriraam Natarajan
Exploiting Expert Knowledge When Learning Probabilistic Models from Relational Databases
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David Crandall
Computer Vision Meets Big Data
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Michael Ryoo
Robot-Centric Activity Recognition
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Selma Sabanovic
Designing and Studying Social Robots for Everyday Use
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Patrick Shih
Beyond Human-in-the-Loop – Empowering Scientists with End-User Machine Learning
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Security and Privacy

Ryan Henry
Batch Techniques for Practical Private Information Retrieval
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Sameer Patil
Managing Privacy Online: The Match Between Preference and Contextual User Experience
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Christena Nippert-Eng
Privacy, Secrecy and Camouflage: From Face-to-Face to Digital Deception
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Raquel Hill
Leveling the Digital Playing Field for the Job Seeker
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Yan Huang
Engineering Trustworthy Cryptographic Computation
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Steve Myers
Dynamic Access Control and Secure Computation on the Untrusted Cloud

Complex Systems and Network Science

YY Ahn
Understanding Structure and Dynamics of Complex Systems
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Katy Börner
Modeling Science, Technology, and Innovation
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Santo Fortunato
Network Communities: A Key to Disclose Structure and Function of Complex Systems
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Fillipo Menczer
The Spread of Misinformation in Social Media
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Bioinformatics and Health

Haixu Tang
Algorithms for Computational Mass Spectrometry
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Yuzhen Ye
Computational Approaches for Mining Microbiome Data
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Stasa Milojevic
Twitter as a Health Study Platform
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Kay Connelly
Designing Health Technologies for Low-SES Population
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Noriko Hara
Perspectives on Reliable Sources When Co-Producing Knowledge Online

High Performance Computing, Programming Languages, Algorithms

Martin Swany
Advanced Networking
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Sam Tobin-Hochstadt
Typed Racket: Types for Untyped Languages
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Qin Zhang
Efficient Algorithms for Querying Noisy Disturbed/Streaming Datasets
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Chung-chieh Shan
Modular, Meaningful Probabilistic Inference
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Intelligent Systems Engineering Overview

Geoffrey Fox, Distinguished Professor; Chair, Intelligent Systems Engineering; Director, Digital Science Center

Big Data

Judy Qiu
Crushing the Big Data Challenge with Machine Learning on Emerging Intel Architectures (in collaboration with Intel)
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Memo Dalkilic
Big Data Bigger Reach
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David Wild
Transforming Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Companies into Data Companies
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Digital Humanities

John Walsh
Comic Book Readership Archive (CoBRA)
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Christopher Raphael
Human-in-the-Loop Optical Music Recognition
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Bernie Frischer
What Is ‘Virtual Heritage’ and Why Does It Matter?
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Digitally Mediated Communication

Jeffrey Bardzell
Innovation Pathways in the Maker Movement: Asia and the American Midwest
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Norman Su
The Moral Perception of Technology
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Susan Herring
Telepresence Robot Communication

Learning Analytics and Education

Katy Börner
Visual Analytics: Empowering Teachers, Students and Researchers

Cassidy Sugimoto
Gender Disparities in Science and Innovation

Xiaozhong Liu
Information Retrieval via Complex Heterogeneous Information

Adrian German
Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning

Saúl Blanco
Misère Play: When Running out of Moves is a Good Thing

Guest Speakers

Bob Cruise
Chief Scientist, Expeditionary Systems Department, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane
Levels of Abstraction for Architecting a Complex System of Systems (SoS)

Martin Kruger
ISR Thrust Area Manager, Office of Naval Research

Tony Armstrong
President and CEO, Indiana University Research and Technology Corporation

Dave Acton
University Liaison, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane

Sushil Prasad
Program Director, National Science Foundation (CISE/ACI)